Pre Pro 3

Reality is setting in on the challenges of accomplishing a bigger short like this (simi) on your on. The monetary wealthy and immediate rewards are hard to see. And while driving for hours to find a trailer house location or farm land that will let you dig graves on their property... doubts definitely occur in the form of thoughts such as... "Will anyone give a shit about this?" or "Maybe I should get a real job."

But in the same breath, there's a reason why I've avoided traps like film school and being involved in all aspects of the project is super important for me. The shoot days are coming up and I'm digging into the locations and art aspects of the production. Oh, all that to say...

Lesson #3: When you have graves in a corn field written into your script... someone has to dig the holes.

Also, I'm proud to have my Director of Photography David Ogle signed onto the project as well. 

You can see Dave's work here: