Pre Pro 2

Casting daaaaaaaay. It's always weird hearing real people say the words you've had rolling around in your head. It's a strange form of reward for narcissism.  And always surprising on what you learn about the characters you wrote and think you knew. A big realization for me already is to make sure you sit with actors at different phases of your script. So...

Lesson #2: Sometimes dialog you deem incredibly witty can punch you in the face with it's stupidity the second someone says it out loud. 

Anyway, I had the pleasure and opportunity to run through scenes with some fantastic actors today. Nashville continues to surprise me with the talent it provides. Our lead for the film is Casey Fuller. A killer leading man, producer, writer, from Nashville, TN. Opposite him, Nettie Kraft will be playing his sister. Both stellar talent and stoked to have them aboard. 

To learn more about each you can see them here:

Casey -

Nettie -

Also wrapping up our overly complicated wardrobe with my lovely Project Runway alumni wife… Amanda Valentine.  

You can see her work here: