Shoot Day 3

Great final day. Wish we had about 2 more weeks to do whatever the hell we wanted. But working in restricted budgets, time, crew, etc. make you find decisions and stick with them. I also assume I'd still want more time after a month on set.

Rain came on our final shots which we ended up using to our advantage. A baptismal scene of sorts for our lead character. And a day covered in mud in a trailer park in the middle of the country turned out to be grosser than we thought. But this shit is "in the can" now and can't wait to start digging into post. 

It was a limited crew for the last few scenes, but I think we made it work. Also, a great final lesson...

Lesson #6: No hair and make up on set? Use mud and break dust.

Alright! Trailer coming soon! How the hell do you get a short in festivals? Etc! Etc!