Faced with immanent death, Teddy is forced to break free from an underground prison to save the love of his life and escape the cult that brought him there. In a classic tale of a man on the run, We follow his chase to freedom through the horrors that await him hidden in the dark Tennessee landscape.



Will Morgan Holland is an award winning filmmaker residing in Nashville, TN since 2001.  Starting in music videos and commercials, He has spent the last few years crafting his vision as a writer and director. His clients range from Bose speakers to Castrol Oil to Tennessee Tourism. He is the 2014 recipient of London's Mofilms Best Director award, and is also on the current shortlist for D&AD's Next Director Award in 2015.


“For my first narrative, I knew I didn't want to make something based on a couple of millinials sitting in a room complaining about existence. (Or some other similarly easy project to accomplish for the sake of accomplishing it) I wanted to push myself stylistically to find a story with themes that reach beyond what's presented on screen. Hopefully, that shows.  I wrote a lot of scripts over the past year and finally landed on The Unbeliever…. a harsh and veracious example of the type of content I want to pursue. Abandonment, animalism, betrayal. All mixed in with my personal struggles of identity through faith and the complex nature of the repercussions that come with giving yourself over to a belief system.

In the end, it's a horrible moment in the life of a man gone astray by his love for something unattainable. I think it’s a story worth our creative time and attention and I can't wait to share it with you all. ”

         - WMH